Level 3 - Design of Network Assets

As a level 3 accredited service provider Activenergy is authorised to design contestable distribution or subtransmission work on the Essential Energy and Endeavour Energy Networks. Activenergy’s team of Engineers, Drafters and Administration staff are available to provide expert advice when it comes to negotiating your project with the energy authority.

As a Level 3 ASP we are able to assist in the design of your electrical needs prior to level 1 construction.

In order to carry out detailed complete level 3 certified Energy Authority designs we are able to provide:

    - Site inspections and assessments

    - Maximum demand assessment

    - Power line route surveys

    - CAD drawings

    - Energy Authority Environmental Impact Assessments

    - Earth Resistivity Testing

    - Easement advice

    - Safety in design reports

    - Council Negotiations

The Level 3 design is very closely related to the Level 1 construction process. Activenergy is also able to assist with your construction requirements. The combination of design and construction by Activenergy provides a single point of contact and accountability. This simplifies the process enabling the construction to be planned and organised as the design is finalised. This simultaneous approach reduces risk, involved parties and fast tracking the project from strokes on a plan to powerline energisation.

If you need advice with your project feel free to send through an enquiry and we will see what we can do to help.